Photo by Jeffrey Bissel
Photo by Jeffrey Bissel

My name is Anni. I am an illustrator living in Bremen, Germany. I studied Digital Media in art school and got my Bachelors of Arts in 2019.

My skills include drawing traditionally and digitally, animating, 3D modeling, programming and video editing.

I love tea, cute things, pastel colors and yoga, but I like to balance out this lifestyle with a little bit of gaming and watching horror movies. The spooky stuff’s my jam 😀

“AnniMagZombies” is actually a german sentence crammed together in one Name and it means “Anni likes zombies” as you may have figured out already. It does not only refer to all the zombie movies I love to watch, but also to the cocktail named “Zombie”.

Why did I choose this username? No idea! I was young and thought it was funny and now I just stuck to it, because it’s not too terrible…right? Right?